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The Valley of Flowers is a fantasy campaign setting of mythic adventure in a world gone strange, designed for use with Old-School Essentials and Cairn.Featuring 150 full-color pages of locations, encounters, NPCs, rumors, and hooks—along with fifteen detailed dungeons and adventure sites—supporting dozens of hours of sandbox style campaign play.With an original system of Oaths & Quests (optional but fully compatible with numerous old- and new-school TTRPG systems), you can set your players loose in Gnolune, the Valley of Flowers, and let them explore every strange and treacherous corner of the province, from the monster-haunted wilds of the Gnarl to the hundred splendid towers of bustling Cimbrine.

  • 5 distinct regions, each with its own encounter tables and sites of interest

  • 5 dungeons, including The Godsloshed Abbey, The Prison of Sir Thibauld, and The Perfumed Tomb of the Necropoet

  • 10 adventure sites, including The Shadow Farm, The Ignoble Court, and The Hungry Amphitheater

  • 36 additional locations

  • A guide to the capital city of Cimbrine

  • Numerous factions and powerful beings for the PCs to challenge, serve, or sabotage, from the decadent Silvered Nobles to a reawakened god of revelry and drunkenness

  • 70+ NPCs

  • 90+ encounters

  • 30+ new monsters

  • 30+ new magic items and arcane relics

  • 7 maps (VTT ready)

  • An original system of Oaths & Quests to get your characters more deeply enmeshed in the strange and exhilarating world of Wildendrem


Psychographia is a cooperative play-by-mail deduction game for two players. As psychics in desperate trouble, you will reach out to each other with messages encoded in the pages of old books, magazines, and other literary flotsam. The goal? To help your partner guess your dire secrets. Your chances? Not promising.You are not entirely powerless, however. By using your psychic abilities you can manipulate your pages in creative and dramatic ways:

  • Fold, tear, and crush your text with psychokinesis

  • Materialize new words from the bones of the old

  • Negate words on a page, erasing them from existence

  • Burn the page with your psychic rage (DO NOT DO THIS)

  • And more!

The clock is ticking, and your enemies are everywhere. Can you free each other in time? Or will you be lost forever?To play, you’ll each need a text you feel comfortable destroying, as well as stamps and envelopes (or a phone with a camera, if you choose to embrace the digital moment).

$7 | 6-Panel Brochure + Threat Tracker CardBY Jedediah Berry & Andrew McAlpine
Art BY Andrew Cothren


A band of renegades rises up against the cruel god who dominates the land. In the conflict to follow, nothing matters more than the right to tell the tale...Dethroners is a complete adventure game of weird fantasy and shifting narrative control for 3 to 5 players. One player is the Divinity, intent on solidifying their power and crushing a nascent rebellion. The others are Renegades, bold souls who seek to liberate the world. As the Renegades score major triumphs, they literally tear pages from the rulebook, claiming facets of the Divinity's authority.

  • A competitive map-making RPG in which players wrest control of the GM's narrative powers.

  • Strategic yet collaborative gameplay with evocative narrative prompts.

  • Encounter tables suitable for use in any weird fantasy RPG.

  • Step-by-step rules for our innovative Titles system: learn as you play.

  • Character sheets, rules reference, and map template included.

  • Optional campaign rules for multi-session games.

  • Trash wizards, the Hell-that-Wanders, and the old king's floating head.

You'll need a handful of 10-sided dice, some tokens, and 2 to 3 hours to tell a complete story of revolution, adventure, and weird magic.

$14 | ZINE FORMAT | 40 PAGESBY Jedediah Berry & Andrew McAlpine

Downloads: Character Sheet | Map Template

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